5 Screen Adaptions That I Like More Than The Book

There is a small number of films or TV shows based on a book/books that I think are in some way better than book. This doesn’t mean that I don’t love the books I just think that some aspects were done better in the screen adaption than in the book. Some of these are just little things and some of them are bigger. As the story has to be changed for a different media somethings are changed for the better and make more sense for the adaption and the story.

1. The Lord of the Rings trilogy

I love these books, they are so important to me, and I really love the story. But I prefer the film trilogy to the book trilogy.

One thing that really bugs me about the books is how long it takes any of the characters to do anything or go anywhere. It is worse in the first book where for about the first 200 pages very little happens and there is a lot of walking, singing songs and meeting different people. The story is slow in the first book for a large portion of it. If I hadn’t had so many friends encourage me to finish reading it I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the first book. (All my friends love The Lord of the Rings just as much as me.) I think that the pacing of the films is better than the books.

And I also think that they removed some of the more unnecessary bits, such as some of the additional short stories that add to the myth and lore of the world that simply wouldn’t have made sense to have in the films. I’ll be honest I don’t think that they’re necessary in the books either because some of them just don’t really add anything to the story.

2. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

I think that Pride and Prejudice is a brilliant book, a classic that has been adapted time and again. And the film from 2005, starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfayden, is by far my favourite. As much as I love the book I love this film slightly more. This is one that I don’t really know how to explain why I like it more than the book, I simply do. It’s simply just a beautifully done adaption that portrays this story, romance and all it’s intrigue beautifully.

3. The Great Gatsby (2013)

Now I think that this book is okay, not amazing but I do think that it is an interesting story because of the unreliable narrator (Nick) and that Daisy and Gatsby don’t end up together as they are toxic. And Gatsby’s a creepy, obsessive stalker. This film adaption is wild, fun and sticks to the story excellently. Also it’s so visually appealing it’s insane. The things that I like about this film that you don’t get in the book is to see some of the scenes that Nick isn’t included or privy to. I think that these additions to the story makes it make more sense. Especially for a film.

4. War and Peace (2016)

This is my favourite adaption of War and Peace that I’ve watched. I’ve actually watched it a few times, and I like to listen to the soundtrack because it’s just so moody and atmospheric. I think it was just so well done and is really enjoyable to watch.

It’s a very long book, with very, very long winded chapters that is condensed in this adaption. It’s a miniseries so obviously not everything can be kept, and if it was then it would just as long as the book and that would be painful. But I do think that it is a really good adaption.

5. Johnathan Strange and Mr Norrell (2015)

I love this series. Again it’s a long book that has been adapted into a miniseries so some bits are missing but it’s really good regardless. As much as I love this show I haven’t finished the novel. Mainly because of Norrell’s POV chapters are slower and more boring than Strange’s. Which perfectly reflects the characters and is shown in the TV show as well. As I only read about half of the book I can only say up to that point is adapted really well, the rest I obviously I don’t really know. I liked the book but it just was too long winded and Norrell’s chapter, which most of the first 200-300 pages were, were very dull. It get’s more exciting when Strange is introduced, as he moves the story along at a much quicker pace, but by the time I had reached more his chapters I was ready to DNF.

But it’s a very intriguing historical fantasy that I love and have watched several times. It’s just perhaps not the most exciting or fast paced book because of one of the main characters being a very dull character.

Are there any TV or film adaptions that you like more than the book? Do you agree with any of the ones that I’ve mentioned? I would love to know. You can tell me in the comments down below. 😊

3 thoughts on “5 Screen Adaptions That I Like More Than The Book

  1. I honestly did not expect some of these choices, such as The Great Gatsby, which most would say is one of the worst ever adaptations, but I absolutely agree on The Lord of the Rings – because whoever has the patience to read through Tolkien’s monolithic work?

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    1. Oh I agree The Great Gatsby is a bad adaption but I really dislike the book. It’s one of my all time least favourites.
      The Lord of the Rings is a real struggle to get through, Tolkien does go on a little too much with all his walking and singing.

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